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 purchased M1A1

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PostSubject: purchased M1A1   Sun May 11, 2008 4:50 pm

I have just purchased an original WW2 M1A1. No arsenal rebuild marks and metal is ingood condition, but the stock has a number of dings and has a heavy coat of varnish and it really distracts from appearence . Any suggestions? LCM
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PostSubject: Re: purchased M1A1   Mon May 12, 2008 8:10 am

Strip your carbine and remove as much metal as possible from the woodwork. Paint on Tergo Strip (or other good paint stripper) and scrub off old varnish with coarse steel wool, rubbing only in the direction of the grain. More than one coat may be required on stubborn parts. Once properly cleaned, wipe down with a warm wet sponge and allow to dry. Rub dried stock with medium to fine steel wool to remove any 'whiskers'. If the stock has any light areas (sapwood) then use a spirit-based walnut stain to get them to match in. When stock is troroughly dry then ruib in Linseed, Tung, or other good drying oil. The secret to an oil finish is to use only a little oil and rub it in very well with your hand. Several applications over a week or so may be required to bring the military finish. Under NO circumstances do you sand the stock! This will destyoy original markings, sharp edges, etc and affect the value.
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purchased M1A1
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