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 spare parts

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PostSubject: spare parts   spare parts Icon_minitimeMon May 30, 2011 12:18 am

hi fellow m1 owners. can you please help me? i have a universal m1 post ww2. serial no.218273. its my first and only mssa and i love it!! but from time to time she gives me a bit of trouble, mostly during competitions against the modern black guns every one else has. the problems are, 1' some times a spent cartridge will stay in the chamber and i have to lever it out gently with a screwdriver. 2'sometimes a spent shell will stovepipe on ejection. but when she goes... she goes well!!! also a member suggested i give the bolt a good clean up, so guess what? anyway no problem with cleaning all bits and re assembling. then,in the bottom of my glass i washed the bits in i found a tiny pin. god whats this from! so i hunted pages in my m1 publications and found nothing. got on the web and found an exploded diagram of the bolt and its bits and i am positive that the tiny "pin" has broken off the base of the extractor plunger, it fits into the spring. any way i fired an empty round and all seems ok, but dont want to get too carried away with a full clip of loaded shells,just in case. asking fellow club members (non m1owners) what to do, they suggest replacements for 1' extractor. 2'extractor plunger and spring.3'ejector and spring. what do you suggest i do to get my beautiful m1 throwing lead down range. VERY SORRY for this long story. i dont know where else to go!! many thanks. bwayne.
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spare parts
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