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PostSubject: Tutorial   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:46 am

How To Register on the Forum

To be able to post Topics and reply to posts, first you need to register with the forum.
In order to stop malicious and spam messages being posted we have had to require the registration of users.
Its painless, and helps keep the forum clear of these menaces.

I have put together some instructions and pictures to make it easy to do.

Firstly you will need to click the register button at the top of the forum, shown by the red circle and arrow in the following example.

You will next get a screen of terms and conditions for the forum which after you have read will get you to two links at the bottom of the page.

If you accept the term click on the button circled in red.

It looks like this.

You will next see a screen which requires you to enter a user name, Email address and password.
(I have entered examples in the fields, please use your own username, Email and password!)

1: Username - This is the name that you will login with and it will appear on your posts on the forum, you are welcome to use your Christian name or a no deplume if you wish.

2: Email address- You need to supply an Email address so a confirmation can be sent to you to activate your login, and also if you choose you can enable other forum members to send Emails directly to you if you wish.

3: Password This is the password you use to login each time you visit.

The screen will look like this (the red numbers indicate the above fields)

Click on save

And you will get this screen.

This is to confirm your password, just re type your password and click Save.

You will have this screen appear, as per the message you now need to go to where you would check your Emails to the Email address you entered in your registration.

I will show some examples of the steps to continue your registration through the Email confirmation stage on a dummy Email address I set up.

You will find a message in the inbox of the Email address you used, mine looked like this.

When you open the message from the NZM1 Carbine collectors Group, you will have a message that looks like this.

Due to the ever growing problem of spam posting, the forum administrators need to activate your registration.

Once they have done this, you will receive another E-Mail that when opened, will look like this.

You are now registered.

Last step is just to go back to the Forum main page and click on the Login tab as circled in red in the following example.

Clicking on this button will take you to the login screen which looks like this.

Type in the username and password you used in your registration as per my example below.

click Login and you will be at the main screen of the forum ready to start contributing!

Happy Posting on the Forum.
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