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 Iver J Commercial Range Report

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Iver J Commercial Range Report Empty
PostSubject: Iver J Commercial Range Report   Iver J Commercial Range Report Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 5:22 am

As per my original posting under "Found" I took my newly acquired IJ Commercial carbine to the pistol range to see a) If it would function, and b) how it would shoot. Using a standard IPSC target at 25 metres I fired a 3 shot group with PMC FMJ ammo - achieved a 1" group with two of the holes touching - albeit high & right. Finding that the carbine functioned well and was going to group nicely, I set about "adjusting" the rear peep sight (a non original replacement) by tapping it gently with a wooden mallet. After a few tests I got the windage perfectly central. I ended up using a 6 o'clock aim on the black at 25m and the IJ was printing dead centre. Figured I would leave it at that, so that at up to 100m it should hopefully print to point of aim? Will try that out soon when I get to a 100m range. No malfunctions other than when I fire the second to last round in the mag and the empty is ejected, the last live round in the mag springs out of the carbine as well. I put this down to a fault with the 7 round chopped mag - not the carbine itself, which I am very happy with given its initial performance.
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Iver J Commercial Range Report
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