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 Failure to Extract

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Failure to Extract Empty
PostSubject: Failure to Extract   Failure to Extract Icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2013 2:31 am

After <1000 rounds my near new carbine has failed to extract several times in recent months. The cartridge is not struck on the primer. I do an IA and pull the bolt back to extract/eject the failed round, only to find a round still in the breech and another being fed in behind it.
The cartridge in the breech is easily able to pulled out with a finger nail, but this is disconcerting.
Last time this happened was in a 3 Gun Shoot and it cost me about 20 seconds - needless to say I was well down on the points table.

I am thinking of changing the extractor claw, spring and plunger tube.

Any thoughts on this??
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Failure to Extract
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