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PostSubject: Tutorial   Tutorial Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27, 2007 4:17 am

How to Navigate Around the Forum

This is just a short section to help with moving around the forum.

Most things that you mite need are started from the main screen, once you have logged in.

Below is the main screen with the three main areas we will run through marked by red squares.

Tutorial Navigation1

Red box 1 is the area you would click on to return you to this screen from any other screen, the same text appears at both the top and bottom of most screens you browse, so you can select it from either.

Red box 2 shows three helpful links,
If you click on “view posts since last visit” a list of all the post that have occurred while you were not logged in will appear.

The screen you get will look like this.

Tutorial Navigation8-1

The latest person and the time they posted their reply or started their topic is listed in the area shown in the red box.

This is a very quick way of searching the entire forum to see what’s new with one click of the button.

If you click on “view your posts” you get a list of all the post you have made on the forum, this also helps identify if someone has posted a reply, but only covers the Topics you have started, or topics you have posted in.

If you click “view unanswered posts” you will get a list off all topics that have been started but have not been answered.

Like this example

Tutorial Navigation7

Red box 3 shows as an example where you would click to enter a list of particular topics.

As an example if you click on Off Topic you will get a screen that looks like this.

Tutorial Navigation2

You can then choose the topic you want to look at and click on the name of it.

I clicked on the first topic and this is what I got.

Tutorial Navigation3

After you have finished looking/posting here, you can easily return either back a step or all the way back to the home page, by clicking on one of the sets of text as shown in the red boxes at the top.

Box 1 will take you all the way back to the home page.

Box 2 will take you back two steps in this case to the General Discussions page in this example.

Looks like this.

Tutorial Navigation4

And box 3 would take you back one step to the Off Topic page in this example.

That would look like this.

Tutorial Navigation2

This is a run down of the most useful shortcuts on the forum, I hope it helps make your visits easier to get around the forum.


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