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 Image Posting

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PostSubject: Image Posting   Image Posting Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2008 11:41 am

To include a link, or to have a photo show in your post, first you need to have the photo posted with an online photo storage site.
This means uploading the photo from your computer to your choice of what is sometimes known as a photo host.
If you are already using one, then scroll down.
If you have not used a photo hosting site, then you need to set up an account with one, before you can start to add photos to your posts.
I use Photobucket, but there are many others, and I urge you have a look for yourself, and decide what’s best for you.

Here is a link to the instructions provided by Photobucket, for setting up an account.

And a link to the tutorial section of Photobucket.

Once you have your photos hosted with your chosen site, you can start to add your pictures to your posts.

I will show an example from one of my albums, so as to highlight the sort of link you will need, I will show this from Photobucket, but the URL as it is know will be the same format, but may appear differently with different hosts.
As long as you have the correct format URL from your picture host, the method is the same to insert them into the post no matter which host you are using.

Here is a shot of what one of my Photobucket albums looks like, the red circles around the links show the two different ones we are interested in, for the two methods I will show.

Image Posting Picture_Posting1

If you just want to include a link to the photo in your post then copy and paste the direct link (Number 1) in the above example, and this will include a link in your post, which others will have to click on to open the picture.

It will look like this as you insert it in your post.

Image Posting Picture_Posting2

And like this when you have sent the post.

Image Posting Picture_Posting3

If you want to include the picture in the body of your post, then you will need to copy and paste the Image code, as shown by number 2 in the above picture.

The same process applies to this link, with regard to including it in your post, but instead of just showing a link, the actual picture will show in the body of the post.

In this example, it is exactly the same picture as shown in the link example, but by inserting it by this method it looks like this.

Image Posting Picture_Posting4

And finally like this.

Image Posting Picture_Posting5

Lastly you should always preview your post before you send it, just to make sure the picture or link has inserted properly, just use the preview button as show in the red circle below, which will show you exactly how the post will look when it is sent.

Image Posting Picture_Posting6

If your Picture hosting provider doesn’t provide the link with the Image Posting  and at the start and end of the link, this picture will not show in the post.

If you are using a provider that doesn’t provide you with a link already set up for message board/Forum display, then you can either type these your self, at the start and end of the link, to get it to show up in the post, or there is a button as shown here.

Image Posting Picture_Posting7

When you click on this button, it brings up a box that looks like this.

Image Posting Picture_Posting8

All you have to do is paste you link into here and click ok, and it will add the image tags to the start and end of the link, so the picture will display in the body of the post.

Like this.

Image Posting Picture_Posting9

Hopefully this makes sense to those that wish to include their pictures, if you do have any problems with the process, or something seems not to work as it should, please post a question, here, and I will try to fix it fore you if I can.

Happy Photo Posting.


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Image Posting
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